Authentic Foot Reflexology

A traditional massage that focused firm pressure points and rubs on the top and bottom of your feet to loosen tension and stiffness around the areas of your feet, leaving you feeling lighter and more relaxed besides ensuring your stiff and sore muscles feel rejuvenated.
Head, Shoulder & Back Massage

Head, Shoulder & Back Massage

Sitting in the office too long or staring at the computer all day leaves your back and shoulder feeling tense and stiff? Or is that baggage you carried leaving you with a discomfort on your shoulder? Indulge yourself with our head, shoulder and back massage to melt all the soreness away. Applying hand pressure ranging from medium to strong on the back to reduce tension, a massage on the neck and shoulder area entails, leaving you feeling relaxed and back on the go!

Body Reflexology Massage

Embrace relaxation with our very own full body reflexology massages as our trained practitioners put their skills and knowledge into good.

Foot,Shoulder & Back Massage

Shopping all day? Need a break? Then sink yourself into pure pleasure and tranquility with this combo of foot, shoulder and back massage to ease your tensed muscles leaving you fresh and energized.

Foot,Head & Body Massage

Invigorate your senses and rejuvenate your body with our combo that covers a full range of massage from head to toe,leaving you feeling brand new!